New feature: Online Touchpoint Management

You spend a loooooot on Google Adwords and other digital channels.
That’s great, it generates a lot of online leads in Salesforce.

BUT. It’s not unusual that your sales team dont look at them and create opportunities from scratch, making it very complicated to reconciliate those manual records with online. 

Heeet now helps you to get true and accurate online acquisition data in Salesforce to do better offline conversion analysis.

Let’s take a look at Marc, he’s looking for a new car.
He visited and filled a form to request a product documentation in November 2020.
In January 2021 Marc comes back on and request a test drive.

Marc goes to the car dealer, does the test drive and wants a proposal.
New Car sales manager does not check if Marc already exists in Salesforce and creates an opportunity from scratch.

Heeet will automatically update the opportunity with the latest online data available for Marc (1) but will also show up all digital touchpoints Marc had with New Car (2)


You can now easily monitor how many online touchpoints happened before offline sales directly in Salesforce.