Why did we build Heeet.io?

Andrew is a Digital Marketing Director at Acme Inc.
He spend a lot of money on Adwords, Social, Banners, email campaigns (yes yes email campaigns have a cost 🙂
He’s happy, he’s seeing a lot of form conversions from Acme website in Google Analytics.

However, Andrew is totally blind on how those form conversions are handled in Salesforce by its Sales team after submission.
Are those leads qualified? Are they converted into business opportunities? How much revenue is coming from online investments? What are top performing campaigns / keywords / channels? What are the products sold? Does first click SEA investment end up with last click Direct conversions?

  • We built heeet.io to get rid of the blackhole between “online” investments and “offline” actions.
    We want to help brands to:
    Understand the true ROI of their online investments
  • Optimize their online spends by knowing what are the top performing campaigns
  • Generate more qualified leads

How do we do it?

Heeet.io bidirectionnaly syncs Google Marketing Cloud with Salesforce.
You get all digital insights directly in Salesforce, making it easier to monitor in one place all your dashboard and reports.

And everytime a lead reach an offline milestone (conversion, proposal, sale), data is automatically sent back to Google Analytics/Google Ads.

What is Heeet.io?

A native Salesforce package, easy to implement, to configure and, most important than everything, ultra secured. We do not store data. We do not use cookies. Your data remains your data, we do not require any access to your Salesforce data.

Heeet.io is an official Salesforce ISV Partner.

Our package is already available on Salesforce AppExchange (will be released publicly soon).


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