New feature: Google Ads Campaign sync with Salesforce and automated campaign membership creation

We’re really happy to announce two major new features this month. 1-Sync your Adwords campaign with Salesforce campaign All your Adwords campaign are automatically created in Salesforce, enabling you to measure what are their true conversion rate and ROI. A- Adwords Campaign metrics: clicks, impressions, costB- Closed Won Opportunities and ROI calculationC- Number of leads […]

New feature: Online Touchpoint Management

You spend a loooooot on Google Adwords and other digital channels.That’s great, it generates a lot of online leads in Salesforce. BUT. It’s not unusual that your sales team dont look at them and create opportunities from scratch, making it very complicated to reconciliate those manual records with online.  Heeet now helps you to get […] at a glance. Connect Salesforce and Google Analytics/Ads is a Salesforce package enabling bi directional connection between Salesforce and Google Analytics. 1) Google Analytics synced with Salesforce Online acquisition data is automatically added to any Salesforce records (lead, opportunity, account, case, contact) when created, enabling you to build more granular report in Salesforce to easily analyze revenue coming from your online lead. […]

Heeet is an official Salesforce ISV partner!

We are super happy to announce that Heeet is now an official Salesforce ISV partner (ISV stands for Independant Software Vendor). This first step will enables us to be publicly visible on Salesforce AppExchange when we’ll have passed Salesforce Security Review. This will make us the only official Salesforce <> Google Analytics connector available on […]

Why did we build

Andrew is a Digital Marketing Director at Acme Inc.He spend a lot of money on Adwords, Social, Banners, email campaigns (yes yes email campaigns have a cost 🙂 He’s happy, he’s seeing a lot of form conversions from Acme website in Google Analytics. However, Andrew is totally blind on how those form conversions are handled […]