Online Ads Syncing

All your online Ads campaigns (Google, Linkedin, Facebook) are automatically synced with Salesforce campaigns. Budget, Impressions and clicks are updated every hour. Ads performance are stored every week so you can monitor performance over time.

Acquisition Monitoring

Heeet provides you with the following data for each online lead, without using cookie First & Last Click Channel (SEO, SEA, Direct, Other) First & Last Click Referrer First & Last Click Campaign Name, Source, Medium and Keyword
# of interactions per channels (SEO, SEA, Direct, Other) before form submission Lead acquisition cost

Lead / Campaign Matching

Online leads are automatically associate with the campaign/keyword they come from Campaigns are generated automatically if they do not exist in Salesforce

ROI Monitoring

You can track how each channels/campaigns/keywords are trully performing

– # of leads and converted leads
– # of closed won opportunities and total offline sales amount

Heeet also provides you with historical data, helping you to understand how your campaigns are performing over time

Google Analytics/Google Ads Integration

Automatically send any Salesforce conversions to Google Analytics & Google Ads Customize any conversions, select any Salesforce object and value that you want to activate in Google Analytics & Google Ads