Uncover what channels, campaigns and keywords are generating revenue.

Sync Salesforce with Google Ads, Google Analytics, Linkedin, Facebook and more!

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Cookieless Online Lead Tracking and UTM Parsing

Track from what digital channels, campaigns, keywords, landing urls your online lead are coming from. By simply adding Heeet Javascript on your website you’ll get all tracking information synced with Salesforce automatically.

Paid Platform Integration

Connect your Google Ads, Google Local Services, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads and Linkedin Ads campaigns with Salesforce to measure real ROI of your investments. Heeet sync Salesforce with each platforms every hour to get updated data on your campaign performance (current campaign cost, number of impressions and number of clicks)

Automated Lead <> Campaign Sync

Heeet automatically match your online leads with the campaign they come from so you can have a clear understanding of how many leads each campaigns are generating, how many were converted, how many were won and how much revenue they generated.

Google Analytics Integration

Configure any kind of Salesforce action that you want to send to Google Analytics Universal and GA4.
Converted lead, demo booked, proposal sent…you can send any Salesforce event to follow them in Google Analytics.

Lead Acquisition Cost

Get a clear understanding of how much you spent to acquire each lead based on the interactions they had with each channel. Costs are automatically splitted per channels (Google, Linkedin, Bing, Facebook) so you can easily monitor average lead acquisition costs over time.

Multi Channel Revenue Attribution

Revenue from your won opportunities in Salesforce is automatically splitted per digital channels so you can quickly see how each are contributing to your revenue.