The easiest way to reconciliate offline sales and online marketing investements in Salesforce

Knowing what online channels trully convert in Salesforce should not be a pain
Set up full online to offline tracking in less than day using Heeet.

  • Online Acquisition Channels Tracking
  • Google Ads Sync with Salesforce
  • Other Paid Campaigns Tracking
  • Automated Conversion Matching
  • Campaign Performance History
  • Salesforce conversion sync with Google Analytics
  1. Get first & last click acquisition data on any Salesforce records your using to track leads and sales.
  2. Create powerful first & last click attribution dashboard to measure what online channels are impacting offline sales

  1. All your Google Ads are synced with Salesforce campaigns. Budget, Impressions, Clicks are updated every day.

  2. Online leads coming from Google Ads are automatically synced with the correct Ads campaigns, either on first or last click level.

Investing on Linkedin, Facebook, Bing or any other channels?

Campaigns are also created automatically and online leads are being synced with the relevant campaigns.

  1. Get full visibility on how many leads, converted leads, opportunities and closed won opportunities each channel, campaigns are generating. Measure the ROI of each of your online investments.

  2. Get all online to offline ROI data directly in your Salesforce dashboard and weekly reports

Track how each campaigns are performing over time and take actions to adjust your investments on the top performing one.

  1. Send your offline sales conversion back to Google Analytics and Google Ads in real time depending on what conversion you want to measure (lead converted, offer sent, sales,...)

  2. Fully customizable triggers allowing you to activate any Salesforce object, any Salesforce fields in Google Marketing Cloud.

  3. Compatible with GA Universal, GA360 and GA4 (coming soon)

Key facts
  • No cookie required, we focused on privacy
  • No external data storing, data is yours
  • Available for any Salesforce Cloud (Sales, Service, Marketing)

  • Compatible with GA Universal, GA 360, GA4
  • No commitment, one time fee for all

Stop wasting money on expensive connectors, add ons or custom projectsStop endangering your data by connecting third party apps.

Stop wasting time by multiplying meetings and never launch such a key project.


No subscription. One time fee for all : 4990€

Optional 2000€ customized onboarding/development fees.